Who’s Business Is It Anyway?

We are entering the final 7 full work weeks until the end of the year. How are you going to finish your year? Are you at quota? If not, what are you going to do?

Do your sales meeting with your manage sound like this: “What are you going to do to make it?”, “What can you bring in from Q1, to get you over the hump?”, “Can you call in a favor?”, “Can you ask the customer to take the order earlier than they wanted?”

Are your questions focused on your needs or your customers? Is the last 7 weeks of the sales year focused on your business or your customers business?

If your focused on your business and not your customers, it’s probably why your not at quota this year and why you won’t be again next year. Just because it’s the end of the year, doesn’t mean the sale changes. Focus on your customers business, nobody cares about your business, except you and your manager, and neither of you are buying.