Who Would Want to Work For You?

Auren over at Summation had good post on Making A Decision On What Job To Take

It was simple. If he were an engineer deciding what company to go to, he would optimize on the following five things (in no particular order):

– how smart my coworkers are

– how enjoyable my coworkers are

– the potential of the company

– the opportunity to work on really hard and interesting problems

– having the responsibility to execute on solving these problems

I like these questions.

Therefore; If you run a company shouldn’t you be working on:

-Having extremely talented employees

-Having fun, engaging, employees

-The future growth of your company

-Creating a kick ass environment that challenges all the talented people working for you

-Creating thought leadership and empowering your employees to make decisions and take action

In tough economic times it’s easy to forget about these things. But the tide will turn. Having an organization were talented people want to work, takes work.

Why would I want to work for you?