What Do You Want?

A few weeks ago my friend Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures asked me to write a guest post for his MBA Monday series.   He asked me if I would write about building commission plans.  I did and I really enjoyed it.  You can read it here. Fred sent me a note afterwards saying he believed it could be his most popular MBA Monday post to date.  It generated lots of good discussion and had just under 200 comments, 191 to be exact.

Beyond the great discussions in the comments, what I enjoyed most about the effort was I didn’t have to come up with the topic.  Fred asked me to blog about building commission plans.  He felt it was a topic his readers would benefit from.   I have built more than my share of commission plans but it never occurred to me to do a post on building them.   By giving me the topic I was able to spend more time on exactly what it was I was going to write.  It allowed me to focus more on the topic and less on finding the topic.  I usually do both at the same time.

After my guest post on AVC.com I began to wonder what other good post ideas was I missing?   What good posts are directly under my nose that I’m not seeing?  Rather than try to know what I don’t know, I’ve decided to let this community determine some of the upcoming blog posts, just as Fred asked me.

Is there a topic you’d like me to cover, share it in the comments.   Let me know what you’d like me to take on.  I’m interested in knowing what this community would like me to tackle.   If I’m already hitting all the topics that are important to you then I guess I am the man!   But, something is telling me, despite my over inflatted sense of self, there are some good, provocative, informational, helpful topics, I haven’t touched.

Let me know a subject you’d like me to blog about and I will.

Thanks guys, this is going to be fun.

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