50K and Counting Celebration

We’re almost at 50K books sold. We have less than 1,000 to go as of today, March 9th.

I’m blown away that I’m writing this. The idea that Gap Selling would have ever reached 50K books was inconceivable.

In spite of years of social media exposure, an internationally acclaimed, award-winning blog and a large and growing social following, every publisher turned me down.  It was infuriating. So I said, “Fuck it, I’ll do it myself.”

I published Gap Selling with the belief that salespeople wanted a better, less intrusive, respectful way to sell that actually worked and was better than traditional selling approaches.

It’s working. We will pass the 50K books sold mark in the next few weeks and so I wanted to celebrate the occasion with you, the readers, and the community.

To do that, the team here at A Sale Guy is going to be celebrating for the next month starting today. And that celebration is all about you.

We’re going to be giving away a slew of dope prizes.  Check ’em out.

  • Free t-shirts (See them here: Keenan Shirts.com)
  • Free Gap Selling Online Course subscriptions
  • Free Signed Books
  • Free Team/Company Speaking Engagement
  • The Grand Prize: Free 3-months of one-on-one Gap Selling coaching with me!


How do you enter and win?

Simple –

Post a picture or video on LinkedIn sharing your experience with Gap Selling, how it helped you and what you got out of reading Gap Selling. Then simply use the hashtag #gap50k and tag me @keenan. (don’t forget the dot).  We will draw the winners at the end of the month.

So tell me, what did you get out of Gap Selling? How did it help you and why do you like it so much?

In addition to the giveaways, we’re doing a number of events where we can hang and talk.

  • A Clubhouse on Gap Selling execution
  • A LinkedIn Live Gap Selling Book Club
  • and more (tbd).


If you want to participate in the book club or in the Clubhouse event, text me at: 720-455-8510

Stay tuned for dates and be the first to know what’s coming. Text me here: 720-455-8510

Can’t thank this community enough!  None of this would be possible without YOU!

Here’s to the Gap Selling community! We’re changing the way the world sells.


P.S. – because we like to share the wealth for everyone all month, we’re giving everyone $100 dollars towards Gap Selling Online Training. Go here: www.gapsellingonlinetraining and use the promo code: 50kbooks.