Unorganized IPhone Apps

This is what the first two screens of my Iphone looked like the other day. The apps are in no specific order.












I have 7 screens of apps. It’s a pain in the butt for me to find the apps I want when I want them. It’s especially hard to find apps I use intermittently.  I can’t remember where they are.

I wish Apple would come up with a feature that would automatically sort your apps based on how often you used them.  I see it working like this.  In the back ground IOS would store the number of times you used an app. It would then rearrange your app screens from most used to least used every time you synch the phone. This would be a cool phone feature. I spent about 20 minutes yesterday putting the apps, “I think” I use the most on the first two screens and then figuring out what apps I use intermittently and putting them on the last screens.

Apple is great at thinking of the little things.  This is a “little” thing I would love for them to think of.

How do you manage your Iphone app screens?

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