Twitter Power

I don’t know why I am constantly amazed at the power of Twitter (or I should say social media in general) but I am.

Twitter has been a fantastic tool for me and today was no different.

Yesterday I suggested (on Twitter) that I saw no reason the new IPad 3g shouldn’t have text messaging. Someone saw my rant and suggested I use Google Voice. I’ve been considering playing around with Google Voice for a while, so I thought this is as good a time as any.

Not having an invite I Twittered a requests for one. Within 5 min. I had a bunch of people who had an invite for me.

You just couldn’t do this a few years ago.

I am fascinated with the new level of connection and collaboration social media enables. It is truly an asset to those who take advantage of it.

Thanks to all my Twitter followers who offered up an invite to Google Voice. I’ll “talk” to you soon!