‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Posted this two years ago in 09, thought it would be fun to bring back out.  I hope everyone has a wonderful night with family and friends.   santa

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all the through the house not a user was stirring, not even their mouse

Posts were posted on their blogs with care, in hopes Chris Brogan or Robert Scoble would soon be there

Tweeters were tweeting from the comfort of their beds,

In hopes their tweets would put them ahead

My numbers are down, as I stare my Google stats

I need to put my computer down and try to relax

When out in Twitter land there rose such a clatter,

I ran to my computer to see what was the matter

Off to twitter search I flew with a flash

Tore open my laptop in hopes it wouldn’t crash

I saw the cheesy avatars and wondered what they were for

With this Social Media thing, there has to be more

When what to my blurry eyes should appear

But a YouTube video, I turned it up in order to hear

It started to bore, so I moved on with a click

In hopes of find something a little more hip

It gets old watching people pining for fame

As they dance around like fools, where is the shame

Scantly clad women, who think they are vixen

and geeky fools with sites they’re a hackin

To the top of digg, they wish they were all

but to no avail as their efforts for fame, crumble and fall

Social Media can be such a high

Its possibilities are beyond the stars in the sky

It takes lots of effort, it embraces more than a few

It rewards those who are good, it can reward you too

In the results there is proof

Just be authentic and always tell the truth

Look to be careful, cause spammers abound

Alas, what makes the web great, is they will always be found

With tons of information you can’t help but have a look

Even Google is trying to add EVERY SINGLE BOOK!!!

It’s hard to imagine when you take a look back

A world without the internet or a good computer hack

Its limits how few, the time spent how merry

It’s never been easier to learn to make a pie topped with a cherry

It expands our horizons and helps us to grow

Yet, there is still much to happen, still more to know

We share information in hopes it will teach

How social media has expanded our reach

We connect from LA to New Dehli

To many the Internet has now replaced their Telly

For some it’s become all about self

To others it’s been fun and a great a boost to their health

As the New Year comes, let’s look ahead

In the Internet and Social Media there is nothing to dread

They are a great place to play and a great place to work

Even if on occasion you will find a creepy jerk

They will continue to rise, they will continue to grow

How far they expand nobody knows

What ever your thoughts, they are not worth dismissal

Cause, at least online, the creep can’t blow you a whistle

So on this day as you work on your site

Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a wonderful night

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