Too funny!

I got an e-mail from a friend today that said; “you’re too funny!”. It made me laugh. I was glad I made her laugh.

I love to laugh. I like funny people. Laughing puts me in a great mood. I like being around people who laugh a lot, even if they’re not the ones being funny. People who laugh a lot are fun to be around. Things never get too serious when your surrounded by people like that.

Funny is fun.

They say children laugh up to 300 times a day where adults only 14 times a day. That’s just a jacked up figure. If you spend anytime with kids, it is easy to believe.

Unfortunately, as adults, being funny and laughing are too often associated with being immature. May be that’s because kids are always doing it. This shouldn’t be the case.

One of the best sales people I know, makes his clients laugh. He’s funny and he’s good at it.

Being funny doesn’t make us immature or negatively effect our performance. I say it does the opposite, it makes us all a little bit better.

So, go on now, be funny. You can thank me later.