These 30 People Have Something to Say About Social Selling

I’ve been a huge advocate of social selling for a couple of years now. That passion was elevated after publishing the survey, Social Media and Quota attainment with Barbara Giamanco last March.

It looks like I’m not alone and to be honest, I’m feeling large right about now. KiteDesk, in conjunction with Evolve did some research and found the 30 most social social salespeople in the world. This is a slammin’ list of some bangin’ social geniuses and they are winning because of it.

If you aren’t using social yet, start following any and all of these people. They’ll set you straight.

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Stop fighting it and make the move. It’s time to start learning how to social sell. Don’t be the guy in 1920 who said, he wasn’t going to use a phone and that the only way to sell was to go door to door because people wanted a face to do business. That guy was an idiot. Don’t ┬ábe that guy.

Get on with social selling already.

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