The Word! Episode 1: What Sales People Are Missing

We did our first episode of The Word on Thursday. It was sick. We had so much fun. Our guest was Dan Waldschmidt author of Edgy Conversations.  The topic was what sales people are missing. We broke down the key traits we think sales people need more of and why it affects sales. We talked about being great, and why too many people don’t aspire to greatness.  Dan opened up about some of the personal experiences behind his motivation to write the book and more. It was truly one of the best 42 minutes I’ve spent, not on skis, in a while.

Our goal with The Word is to bring you mad sales wisdom in a fun, hip, cool, exciting, challenging, entertaining way.  You know how we do shit around here. We’re a bit irreverent, and so is The Word!

The key things sales people are missing include;

  1. creativity
  2. grit and drive
  3. analysis and assessment skills
  4. business acumen
  5. empathy

Also, you don’t want to miss the discussion on the opening of Dan’s book where he talks about his close call with death by his own hand and how it changed his life.

The Word is tight and I’m excited about the possibilities. Our next episode will be March 12th and we’ll be talking about how to do a badass demo. Our guest will be Mark Roberge, Chief Sales Officer of Hubspot.

So check it out and let me know what you think.