The Stupid Line

The stupid line is the thin line between a brilliant idea and a stupid idea. The stupid line is the line where failure is called stupid and success is considered genius.

Few people are willing to walk the stupid line. To them, the risk is too great. Most are consumed by what if it fails thoughts. They are easily impacted by the naysayers. The closer an idea gets to the stupid line the quicker they are to say it won’t work.

Christopher Columbus walked the stupid line with his earth is round and I can sail west to India idea. Edison walked the stupid line when he thought he could light up a room with the flick of a switch. JFK thinking we could put men on the moon in less than 10 years was walking the stupid line. The most creative and innovative ideas come from those whose idea is on the stupid line. It takes courage to walk the stupid line. It is littered with critics and naysayers, those telling you why it’s a stupid idea and why it won’t work. The irony is the more obvious an idea, the further from the stupid line it is, the more people who don’t think it’s stupid, the less value it will have.

The best ideas come from the stupid line. Few have the courage and insight to walk it. Look for those who do, they will make the biggest difference.