The Sky Stories of Seat 10D

So I’ve decided to do a little experiment. I’ve left this notebook in the seat pocket of seat 10D on United Airlines.

What’s written in it? Not much right now. Just a request from me that it not be returned until all the pages have been filled, filled with the thougts, ideas, doodles, complaints, praises, and stories of the people who came after me.

I’ve always wondered about the person who sat in the seat before me, or who sat in it after me. I’ve always wondered when planes fly above who is on that plane, where are they going? Why are they traveling? Are they alone and far from home or getting back from a long business trip.

We all travel for our own reasons; weddings, vacations, death in the family, work, to visit old friends, and more. I want to know about the people that have come behind me and I thought this was the best way to try and find out.

The first entry is mine. In it I share why I’m doing this. I ask the book not be returned, but ask the people who find it to share their sky story and then put it back for the next person. I doodled in it and the guy next to me, Venky, from Singapore also added an entry. I left all my info, my home address, this blogs address, my Twitter handle, my Facebook page and my email address.

I’m hoping that along the way some of the people who find the book and add their sky story send me an email and let me know. If they do, I will post about it here.

Not sure where this experiment is going to go, but I’m looking forward to finding out.

If you sit in seat 10D look in the seat pocket. If you see the book read it and write something in it. It’s yours for the trip, so enjoy. Just makes sure you put it back. When the flight is over, it will belong to the next person who sits in seat 10D.

Stay tuned, as I hear some sky stories, so will you.