The Perfect Storm, Getting Back on Track

This week ends the worst week of blogging I’ve ever had. I’ve blogged three days this week. That’s it.

It was a perfect storm. I was on the road traveling. I am engaged in a couple of large efforts at work. The new baby, Ava, has interrupted my sleep schedule, and worse of all, I’ve had writers block.

I normally average just over 6 posts a week. I am way off this week.

I am not feeling very good about my poor performance. I’m not feeling good for a couple of reasons. One reason is I have a commitment to this community to show up regularly. I haven’t done that this week. I apologize. Another reason I’m not happy with my performance is it get’s contagious for me. I am a streak player. I get caught up in streaks. It’s a great trait, except at the transition, because a new streak has to be created.

My blogging streak has been going for over a year. I am used to it. Blogging almost everyday is part of my routine. This week, however, having missed 3 days, the streak has been interrupted. Interrupting my streaks gets me off track. I started to feel off track this week as the perfect storm took it’s toll.

I woke up this a.m. after a long night. I told myself I had to get back on track.

I’m getting back on track this week. The storm is clearing and even if it doesn’t I will learn to sail in the storm.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.