The People Spectrum

people-spectrumI think a new spectrum is being created. With tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, information can be transmitted through people at astonishing speeds. We saw this in action most recently within Iran. As the election protests unfolded CNN, local news stations and the network stations were broadcasting the pictures and stories coming from the people inside of Iran.

Radio Spectrum, Cellular Spectrum, TV Broadcasting Spectrum are sold for hundreds of millions for the right to transmit on them. But I think an equally effective transmission spectrum is being created, its the people spectrum. As more and more people come online and become comfortable the people spectrum will grow in its effectiveness and strength.

Radio Spectrum is all about the transmission of data or information from one to many or one to one. The people spectrum is doing it one better. The people spectrum is doing it one to one, many to many and one to many and many to one all at the same time. I think the People Spectrum is quickly becoming the most valuable of all the spectrum.

Maybe Google will buy it.