The Orange or the Juice and Everything Else

Knowledge and wisdom is like an orange and the juice.

In the beginning everyone could get an orange, but not everyone know what to do with it.

S. Anthony Iannarino nails it in this post; Knowledge is not Power, Wisdom is Power.

Knowledge is like an orange,  you picked them off the tree (or today get them at them the grocery store,)  you peel and eat.  Wisdom is like the juice, or the marmalade, or the recipes that use oranges, or the orange flavoring; wisdom is all the things you can DO with an orange.

An orange costs 50 cents.  OJ costs 5 bucks.  There is more value in what you can do with an orange than the orange itself.

Anthony got it right.   Knowledge is a commodity today.  Wisdom is the value.

Everyone can pick an orange from a tree. Only a few people can make orange juice.

Do your customers see you as selling the orange or the orange juice.

It matters.