The Future of Personal Online Branding

What do you use to promote YOU to potential employers? Could you compete with Gonglue Jiang and this?

Everything we do will flow through our online networks. Our ability to gain “reach” via our online content, and interactions will be the difference between success and failure. One of the key components of this is creating compelling content that makes people want to share it.

Stowe Boyd blogged about one of Gonglue’s innovation’s, which is now getting tons tweets, which in turn is driving tons of traffic to his page, which in turn is getting him lots of exposure.

Does your resume do that for you?

Gonglue Jiang has one of the best example of this I’ve seen yet. Imagine being a tech recruiter and landing on his page. It almost becomes a no brainer.

If your still relying on your resume to promote yourself, you are clinging to a dying process.

We all need to ask ourselves. How are we promoting the business of “US?” Is it compelling?

It needs to be. It’s going to be the biggest asset you own. It’s going to be the asset of the future.

Side note: I can’t think of a more compelling reason to learn to code.

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