The Best Brain Candy for the Intellectually Curious — EVER!


Do you know why a dog’s ears flop? There are no canines in the wild with floppy ears.

Have you every wondered what happened to Henry Heimlich, the guy behind the Heimlich Maneuver? Believe it or not, he’s still alive, but the end of his career hasn’t been as celebrated as the beginning.

Did you know that trees only account for about 50% of the oxygen put into the atmosphere. Phytoplankton like Coccolithophores are responsible for the other 50%  one tiny “puff” of oxygen at a time.

Did you know if you hold the top of a slinky and let go of the bottom so it uncoils to equilibrium then you let go of the top, the bottom doesn’t move for a brief moment, even though the top has already started falling? It’s true. 

Do you know how we learned how the stomach digests food? Hint: A fistulated human, thread and a fish hook. 

All these questions and answers come from the best podcasts ever; RadioLab

RadioLab hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, takes on the most unusual, interesting and intellectually perplexing topics. The show is brilliantly produced. Jad and Robert have a wonderful knack of be able to create intrigue, while talking about what could be mundane or boring topics.

Radiolab is like a radio or podcast version of Ted Talks, but even more intriguing and entertaining as they take on a broader level of topics. It’s the best brain candy for the intellectually curious — ever!

I listen to Radiolabs every time I drive to Vail. Denver to Vail is a 2 hour ride. When I’m listening to Jad and Robert, it feels like fifteen minutes.

If you have an ounce of intellectual curiosity you will be come hooked to RadioLab shows. Check out Radiolab with Jad and Robert, you won’t be sorry, hooked maybe, but not sorry.

You can find them at or on ITunes in the podcasts section.


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