The “3” Rule

Information flies at us at a 100 miles an hour. It seems almost impossible to keep up. There are blogs, twitter, facebook, TV, newspapers, Rss feeds, bookmarking sites like Digg and Delicious, Flickr, YouTube and more all designed to throw information at us at light speed.

Sorting through it all is daunting. Figuring out which new gadget you need to checkout, what new sites are critical to join, what new blogs to read etc will paralyze even the most organized.

To weed through it I’ve adopted the “3” rule. The “3” rule tells me when I should take notice something is happening and it is for real.

The “3” rule is when I have been exposed to something 3 times. If I’ve read something, seen it on TV and heard someone I know talking about it then it’s the real deal and deserves my attention.

When a product, book, idea, site, movie, etc is part of the print conversation, (this includes the web and “print”) the television conversation and finally my personal network conversation, it’s time to take notice.