The 25 Hour Day — How are you using it?


We have been given a gift today. We’ve been given a free hour, an hour we can do anything we want. In a society where we are all squeezed for time, struggling to make due with the minutes we have, today is the ultimate gift, it’s a 25 hour day.

You have an extra 60 minutes today, one whole hour. What are you going to do with it?

You can sleep an extra hour like most do or you could be deliberate in using it.

You could;

  • go to the gym
  • spend and extra hour with the kids
  • write an extra blog post
  • call a friend in another state
  • finish a project
  • go for a hike or a walk
  • finish the book you’ve been reading
  • call your mom/dad
  • make cookies
  • do an art project
  • clean out your email inbox
  • write a letter
  • go for a bike ride
  • get up early and just relax
  • do nothing
  • put up the Thanksgiving decorations
  • clean the house, the office, the garage
  • pay bills
  • make breakfast in bed
  • do something you love, you don’t do enough
  • anything

Here’s the deal. Daylight savings time in the fall is a gift. It’s the most underrated day of the year. Once a year we are given 25 hours instead of 24 to anything we want.  An extra hour is a precious gift, be deliberate — don’t waste it!


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