Tech Advice: Joomla and PHP vs. Java and Spring?

UPDATE: Based on the comments and some conversations I’ve had, it appears I’m asking the question poorly. I need to ask it differently.  My second shot at it.

Would you build a new SaaS, social application, that will be deployed to 100’s if not 1000’s of enterprise customers, using Joomla and PHP OR Java and Spring?   Is an opensource CMS the way to go or should it be built from scratch?



I need some tech advice.

This is to all the tech geniuses in this community and/or anyone that has some insight into development platforms.   Please, pass this along if you will.

I’m trying to determine a technology direction.   Here is my question:

What is a better platform to build a social SaaS application.  PHP and Joomla or Java and Spring?   It’s a B2B application that will be rolled out to 100’s of different companies.  It needs to be flexible, extensible and scalable.

Any and all suggestions would be helpful.  If you need more info ask in the comments and I’ll provide any info you need.

Thanks all and please RT.

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