TalkShoe: Sales Smack

Tonight was the first Sales Smack even on Talk Shoe. I talked about it last week. You can listen to the replay here.

I thought the idea had potential, but like anything you try for the first time you’re never quite sure how it’s going to turn out. The topic was; Is Sales Responsible for a Companies Growth? We had good attendance. David Brock, Paul Dunay, Shane Gibson, Tibor Shanto, and Jerry Kennedy, where just some of the folks on the call.

The call exceeded expectations. It was a killer event. There was good discussion. It was lively, energetic, funny, and informative.

I came up with the idea, because I wanted to do a Podcast type event, but I didn’t want it to be a stiff, talking heads, static event. Tonight was far from that. There were a lot of good tweets and folks really enjoyed the interaction.

I learned a lot by engaging with this group and that was the icing on the cake. I went in with one opinion and walked out with a better one. My perspective grew from the call. In my opinion, that is what good social engagement does.

We’ll be doing Sales Smack every other Tuesday at 7:00 EST. The Next Event: Does Sales Need to Innovate? If so how do we do it?

Maybe we’ll see you next time. For more info just go here.

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