SXSW And Your Online Presence

sxsw-2010A while back I wrote a post called; Online Presence – Asset of the Future: Why Social Graph Will Be Worth As Much As Your Home. It has been one of my most popular posts.

It’s a powerful post as it identifies the social and cultural change our society is going through and the impact to our personal success and well being. Simply put, in the near future your social graph will play a substantial role in determining your lot in life. Those with strong, well managed social graphs will be the new elite, those without will be at a decided disadvantage. Your social graph will be the most important asset you own, more valuable than your home.

Go Vote For US

Go Vote For US

This topic has been nominated to be a panel topic for SXSW 2010 in Austin, TX. It’s going to be a killer panel. Online Presence and our Social Graph are completely changing they way work gets done, and how we communicate.

My partner Leslie Poston and I need your to make sure Online Presence – Asset of the Future is a panel at the show. The final panels are chosen by vote; 40% an advisory board 30% staff and 30% BY YOU! We need your vote.

To give us some love and make sure SXSW gets a killer panel, go here and vote and comment. The more noise around this topic the better the chances we are selected.

Thanks for the love and we hope to see you SXSW.