SurveyGizmo Rocks

I use SurveyGizmo. SurveyGizmo is a SaaS tool for creating surveys, polls, quizzes etc. They are incredible.

I’m on hold now with Sam who is working me through a difficult reporting challenge. You’d think he was my personal consultant.


I chose SurveyGizmo when I determined I needed a really good survey platform to build the A Sales Guy Consulting Sales Team Evaluation Assessment. I wanted to create more than a cheesy marketing tool. I wanted to create an assessment that would actually help a sales leader make strategic; people, process or structure decisions. If you haven’t take it, you should here.  It’s very helpful and indepth. You’ll learn a lot about the state of your sales organization and where you should focus next year.


To build a decent assessment sales leaders could use required a lot of complex functionality. Answers had to be scored, then tallied. The tallies needed to be valued based on ranges. The tallies then need to be associated with text values respondents could read, etc. I was looking for a lot.

I looked at over a 1/2 dozen different online survey products and they all did some of what I wanted, but no one did it all, except SurveyGizmo. They are a machine.

I have never called them up and asked if they could do something they couldn’t do. Their customer service is phenomenal. You need it, want it, they get it done.

In spite of how robust the platform is, the UI and UX are excellent. It’s intuitive and easy to use. The reporting is fantastic. You can create comparisons, filters, and display the reports in pretty graphs. You can export the data to massage yourself and you can create PDF’s on the fly. It truly is an unbelievable platform.

Sam’s has just come back and he’s created 3 new reports for me. My responses were being put into the wrong grouping and Sam fixed it for me and created the reports I needed. Once again, SurveyGizmo delivers.

If you need a online survey platform that does more than collect responses, there is only one choice in my mind. SurveyGizmo rocks!

Thanks Sam!

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