Stuck Between Guy Kawasaki and Jill Konrath

Top Sales World just released their list of Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers for 2012. On that list, stuck between Guy and Jill, was me.

 It was a surprise and an honor to be on a list with some of sales and marketings most respected and accomplished people. I didn’t expect it at all.

How was this list created?

Over the past few weeks, a small team of professional researchers rigorously examined the credentials of one hundred and fifty possible “candidates” to arrive at the top fifty, and we also asked the editors of the most popular sales resource venues to give us their opinion.

The criteria we used to benchmark each individual’s impact within the sales space was:

  • Social media presence – Twitter/ Facebook/ Klout score/LinkedIn authority.
  • Quality, regularity and popularity of written work – books, blog posts, articles, EBooks etc.
  • Active engagement with recognized resource sites.
  • And not least, a commitment to continually advance selling and marketing practices.

My dad and my grandfather taught me that if you set out on a journey to become famous or to make lots of money you are sure to fail at one or both. But if your goal is to make a difference and to do good work, regardless of fame and fortune, good things will come over time. I think this is what happend here.

I didn’t set out to make any list. I didn’t even know lists like this existed. I didn’t have any grand plans of becoming a sales “guru” which I still don’t consider myself. I started blogging to create reach. After two acquisitions left me looking for new opportunities, I wanted a way to have more control of my career. SVP, VP, EVP of Sales positions are difficult to come by in Denver. I was looking for an easier way to control my job search.  I figured a blog, pack filled with my selling approaches, methodologies, and ideas would be far more effective than a resume. I also figured digital reach would help source new job opportunities if I needed them.

Fast forward 3 years and not only am I in control of my career, A Sales Guy Consulting was created as a result of inquiries from this blog for sales consulting.

Making a list with the likes of Seth Godin, Jeffrey Gittomer, Guy Kawasaki, Marc Benioff, Jill Konrath, Neil Rackham, John Doer and all the other sales and marketing geniuses is exciting. Actually, It’s more than exciting, it’s pretty frickin’ cool.

I want to thank this community for all the shares, comments, Facebook likes and everything else you have done over the past 3 years to put this blog out there. It’s the commitment of you, the readers of this blog that are truly behind this. No one would have a clue who I am if it weren’t for you.

I’m gonna say it again.  You guys ROCK!!!

Thanks all!


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