Start Ups are Infectious

I went to my first TechStars meet up last night and I got all pumped up. The energy was amazing. There is nothing more energetic and exciting than listening to passionate people share their start-up idea.

TechStars is a start up incubator in Boulder, Colorado. Tonight kicked off the 3 month summer event, where we (mentors) got to meet the companies in the program for the fist time.

There were some great companies, with some passionate people behind them. I spent over two hours listening to them tell their stories, give their pitches and share why they think their idea is the next great thing. Some ideas were more compelling than others, but that didn’t matter. No one had a monopoly on passion and excitement, everyone was thrilled and it was infectious.

I know the feeling of having an idea and wanting to introduce it to the world. There is nothing like having a great idea you believe in heart, mind and soul. All of these people had that feeling. You could see it. You could feel it.

Not all these start-ups are going to make it. But, last night that didn’t matter. The energy and passion for what could be was all that mattered.

Hope, optimism and excitement were abuzz. It was awesome to be apart of it. It was like being plugged into an outlet. The energy just got inside you. It was great. I’m looking forward to the next one.

A weekly dose of this optimism, hope and energy will keep you running for days.