Selling without a Sale (Who needs money?)

There is a great little burrito wagon around the corner from my house. It’s called Asada Rico.  They make the best breakfast burritos.  I probably get one about every week or so. I’m the Mayor of Asad Rico on Foursquare.

Not only is the food good, but it’s cheap. A breakfast burrito is only 1.99.


Today, I was running late and hadn’t eaten breakfast. I was hungry, so I ran down to Asada Rico. The problem, Asada Rico doesn’t take credit cards and I had no cash. So what did they do? They gave me a burrito. Yup, just handed me a burrito and said get me next time.

I was a good customer, but now I’m an even more loyal customer. Asada Rico has closed me for a number of future visits

Selling is done in a lot of ways. We often measure a sale as getting money for our product or service. But it’s not always so.  Asada Rico sold me today and I didn’t have a dime.

Take a look at your sales strategy. How are you selling? How many ways are you getting your clients to say yes?  There is more than one.