Selling in 1913

I found this Brooks Brothers book stuffed in an old book I have.  It’s from 1913.  It looks as if it had been stuffed in that old book since 1913, forgotten until I found it.  It’s in amazing condition.  If my 3 year old hadn’t gotten a hold of it and bent one of the corners, you would have thought it had just been printed.

Even in 1913 companies understood the power of information in selling.  I don’t know if Brooks Brothers sold the pamphlet or gave them away.  What is clear is they are using information to strengthen their brand and to sell more of their stuff.  Check out some of the “sports” they write about; canoeing and archery.

Not the sports of today, but definitely the sports of the gilded age.

Using information to sell, both directly and indirectly is good practice.  Information educates as well as influences.  Brooks Brothers was positioning itself as the purveyor AND expert in summer sports etiquette and knowledge.

I love old stuff.   It’s a trip to see how people viewed their world 100 years ago.  I wonder if Brooks Brothers even has any of these laying still around?  Anyone from Brooks Brothers reading this?  Have you ever seen one of these in your archives?


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