Salespeople – Stop Trying To Steal From Your Prospects


Yes, that’s what I said. You’re trying to steal from your prospects and it’s getting irritating?

What am I talking about? Why am I saying you’re stealing?  Because everytime you send out an email or leave a voicemail asking for “just 15-minutes of your time” without offering something of equivalent value for that time, you’re stealing.

Your prospects time is valuable. It’s probably the most valuable thing they have and you’re asking them to give it to you for what . . . ?

So you can tell them about your product or ask them what keeps them up at night?  Come on!  Cut it out!

Stop stealing people’s time and start adding as much value as you can.  I get it, it can be hard. But if you learn to make it a fair trade, their time for something you can offer that offers them value, you will get a lot more meetings and have a lot more conversations.

Here are a few tools and e-books to help you with this challenge.

How to Create Sales Emails that Actually Get Opened

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