Sales Secret Weapon

Sales has a secret weapon.  It’s guaranteed to increase revenue, shorten the sales cycle and create tremendous word of mouth.  The secret weapon can be used by everyone in the company.  It’s not just for the sales people.

What’s the secret weapon of sales?   Taking care of the customer.

Go the extra mile.  Don’t argue over the little stuff.  Understand what’s important to them and provide it.  If they want something figure out a way to give it to them.  Be creative, do unsuspecting things, create an unparalleled customer experience.   When customers feel special, when they feel they matter, when they trust you have their best interests at heart, they buy more, spend more, visit more, return more, tell more people and leave less.

Treat your customers like they matter — because they do — and sales is that much easier.

Don’t make sales harder than it is, use the sales secret weapon.   (OK, it’s really not a secret, yet I’m constantly amazed at how many people don’t seem to know about it — do you?)

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