Sales is Simple: Oprah Sized Influence

Sales is about 3 simple things:


It’s that easy.

-Access is about getting to the buyer. It’s a salespersons ability to get beyond the velvet rope.

-Influence is how well you can affect the decisions of those you have access to.

Oprah Winfrey knows influence. She leveraged her access to wield the greatest influence in the world
In Sales influence is when you enlighten a customer with a new way of thinking. Influence is when you provide information the buyer didn’t have. Influence is the ability to create clarity from confusion. Influence is the ability to provide insight. Influence is the ability to demonstrate you can add value to your customers lives. Influence is when you build trust.

When a sales person has influence their buyers listen. When sales has influence the customer let’s go of control. They customer has said; “I trust you, lead me.” The more influence sales has, the more a customer let’s go.

Influence comes when you sell from the customers point of view, not your own. Customers buy from you to serve their own needs. Give them things that meet their needs better than anyone and you increase your influence. The more influence you have, the more you will sell.

Access is great, but with out influence, access does you no good. Do you have Oprah sized influence?