Rose Colored Glasses and Blurry Vision

After we’ve done something for awhile something begins to happen. Our vision gets blurry, this is especially true in business.

In the beginning we wear rose colored glasses. Everything looks like an opportunity. Everything is fresh, exciting and new. Things look clear and defined. Experience, failure, and success don’t blur our vision. As the business grows, experience develops and success is had, our vision get’s blurry. New ideas are more difficult to see. Change becomes the enemy. Protection becomes the goal. Talk is still about growth, change, and winning, but the conversations change. The conversations switch from how, to why, and from let’s do it, to why do it.

When our vision gets blurry we move slower, we are less sure of where we are going, we have less confidence in our choices and have a tendency to stay where we are. We feel there is more to lose.

Growing, competing, changing, new markets, and new products require the same vision as the day you started, nothing has changed, just your vision.

As success is had, put the rose colored glasses in a drawer not too far out of reach. Soon, very soon, they will be needed again. Wearing rose colored glasses is far better than blurry vision.

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