Real or Not: We Believe What We Want.

People can be cynical. When it comes to marketing we are really cynical. Cold callers, unsolicited mail, spam; we are constantly inundated with noise, telling us about the next great thing. This has made us numb. Despite the cynicism people still want to believe. I do.

Is this real?

The person who sent me this believed it was real. I want to. We have a need to believe the impossible, the extraordinary, and the special. It’s cool to witness the phenomenal.

Marketers know this. Inauthentic marketers seek this out and feed on it by creating noise.

Authentic marketers avoid the noise, quietly allowing their product to sell its own story. Web 2.0 is good for this. It allows users to tell the story.

If you have an unbelievable product, service, idea, solution let it speak for itself. Wild claims or grandiose assertions only add to the noise.