Reach, Now Available to Everyone, ACT NOW!

The newsprint industy is dying because they aren’t making any money. The lack of advertising is a symptom of the bigger problem.  The bigger problem is newspapers don’t have the reach they once had.

Over hundred years ago, newspapers made millions and then eventually billions because of their reach. Papers were the only way to connect with the population. Then came radio, and then TV.  Those mediums eventually reached the world and advertisers paid for that reach.

Reach is the greatest asset rarely discussed. Reach is worth billions. Companies and industries are built on reach. For most of history, building reach was expensive and took a long time. Once achieved, it was almost impossible to lose. For most of time, reach had a high barrier to entry. It wasn’t easy to get, therefore, those who had it made a killing.

Today, reach is just as valuable.  The difference, it’s not as concentrated and the barrier to entry is lower. I’m not saying it’s low.  I am saying it’s “lower.”

Why does this matter to you?  It matters because reach is still as valuable as ever AND it is now more accessible than ever.  It matters because you can now have reach if you’r willing to go get it.

When T.V. Newspapers, and Radio ruled the reach game, the individual had the network.  The network was the individuals reach. The network was local. It consisted of clubs, neighbors, past co-workers, clients, and more. For years, networks were real differentiators. It’s how jobs were found, promotions were had, customers were closed, and opportunities identified. Those with bigger networks benefitted from them and were normally better off than those who didn’t have them. Malcolm Gladwell called these folks connectors.

Reach is now accessible to everyone. Social networks, blogging and content marketing have made it far easier for everyone to extend their reach. Reach still maintains tremendous value, but it’s easier to establish than ever. Newspapers, radio, T.V. etc. no longer have a hold on reach. Reach has been democratized. A Mom in Idaho, a small businesses in Kalamazoo, a sales person in Tallahassee can create tremendous reach and become an expert, a influencer, or a connector.

We are in a transition time. We are moving from a place where reach was only for the few, to a place where reach is for the many. That being said, as more and more individuals scramble for their piece of the reach pie the noise grows exponentially.  This is already happening. It’s going to become increasingly more difficult to differentiate ourselves from the noise and harder to extend our reach.  Therefore get going now. If you don’t have a plan to build and grow your reach for 2013 and beyond, you are missing one of the greatest opportunities this new era of social business is providing.

Spend the rest of this year asking yourself, how can I extend my reach, where will growing my reach have the greatest impact on my career and my personal life?  Reach is real and it’s not just for the priviledged few any longer.

Reach is now available to everyone. ACT NOW!