Opportunity and My Feed Reader

I’m an opportunist. I see opportunity in everything; no matter how big or how small.

My brain works like this; information in, process, then ask what advantage, result, benefit is there in the info? It’s always on.

Thinking this way has been great for business. It allows me to navigate very complex environments. It also helps my customers because it’s transferable. I help them see their opportunites.

The down side to being an opportunist is fear. I am often afraid I might miss an opportunity.

This is where my feed reader comes in.

My feed reader is packed with blogs, 100’s of them. Each one was added because I saw an opportunity in it; an opportunity to improve sales, strengthen my team, find good investments, innovate, meet cool people, and more.

Packed with 100’s of blogs, I can’t get to them all, so I’ve decided to pare it down. To someone like me this is hard. As I determine which to save and which to delete I am reminded why I saved the blog in the first place. There are some good blogs in my reader. This is why it’s hard. I don’t want to delete the blog that could give me that perfect piece of information, the one that is behind the next great opportunity. This is all inspite of the fact I don’t find time to read 90% of the blogs in my reader in the first place.

I know this is silly. It’s just how my mind works.

To get over it and hit delete faster, I’m looking at a thin, streamlined, feed reader as an opportunity, as a way to read more blogs, not less.

All the information in the world does no good if you don’t read it. I ain’t reading much in my feed reader these days. It’s too full and for sure that’s lost opportunity.

Delete . . . ahhh that wasn’t so bad.