One of The Last Traveling Salesmen Left In America

A friend sent me this video. I have no idea how I missed it until now. It’s been out for at least 4 years.

It’s a fantastic peak into a dying, if not an already dead profession, the traveling salesman.

This is a killer 10 minutes highlighting so many of the unique aspects of sales and selling. The good, the bad, the rewarding, the lonely and more.

If you’re in sales, you’re will relate to much of this video.

Some of it may make you cringe, some will make you smile.It’ll make you feel great about being a sales person. It’ll make you question why you’re a sales person.

It’s a wonderfully relatable story.

This is one of the best documentaries on sales I’ve ever seen.

What I love most, is in the end, his passion and love for what he does shine through. His bitterness, his fear of missing out, all melt away as he reflects on the years of selling baby shoes bronzing and the impact he’s had on people lives. That’s what it’s all about.

If we all could have the same passion he does for what we do, what a wonderful world it would be. Do you see how he slaps his finished product down on the table to emphasize it’s quality and superiority? The pride and excitement every time he does it is classic. You know that’s his big moment. LOL!

What do you think, did you like it? What did you like and what made you cringe. There were a few segments in here, where I was like “ouch.” You sell like that.