On The Slopes

I’m teaching skiing this week. I am booked in a private lesson with the same family all week.

I like these kind of bookings. You get to know the people you work with. When you spend 6 hours a day for 6 days with the same people they become more than just clients. They becone friends. A relationship is built.

I still talk to clients I had 3 years ago. (my first season teaching). We text, and email staying in touch throughout the year. It’s been great. I’ve made some great friends.

There aren’t any businesses that I can think of where you spend this much personal time with your customers as ski instruction. They are on vacation. They are paying to have me add to their vacation experience and this is what I love most about being a ski instructor.

Every year at this time, I spend a week a part of someone elses vacation. I take this very seriously. I do everything I can to ensure my clients walk away feeling there vacation in Vail was better because of me.

I’ll let you know if I succeed this year too. I hope so. This is one thing I don’t ever want to fail at.