Not Selling on Price Takes Guts

You can’t sell on price. This is nothing new. Every sales training talks about it. Every manager talks about it. Every book talks about it. Selling on price is the big sales taboo.

Not selling on price takes guts. To avoid selling on price you have to be able to say no. You have to tell your best customers they can’t have what you sell for that price. You have to be willing to risk not making your numbers. You have to be willing to lose the deal. Not selling on price takes guts few sales people, managers, V.P.’s of Sales and companies have. Few have the ability and courage to avoid selling on price. It’s too easy to succumb to the fear of losing. It’s too easy to say, just this time. It’s too easy to say you can’t afford to lose this deal. It’s too easy to say we can’t let the competition get this account. It’s too easy to come up with excuses. Selling on price isn’t hard to say it’s just hard to do and few have the guts.