No Internet

I woke up to no Internet service this morning. I have Comcast as my ISP. I’m writing this post on my IPhone. What I find contrasting about this is I can write and publish this blog post from my phone while the Internet is down but Comcast can’t notify me when it goes down and save me the hassle of trying troubleshoot their problem.

I spent 15 minutes of my morning running around the house trying to figure out what was wrong. I first tried from my phone, then turned on my laptop, after realizing it wasn’t a device issue, I went and reset the modem. Once that didn’t work I called Comcast, went through a few menus and finally got a message that says, the service is down in your area, press 1 if you want a call when service is restored. I pressed one.

With the majority of the country having SMS or email ready smartphones it seems to me Comcast could find away to notify a service area when the service is out. They could send out an automated call, they could fire off an SMS message or they could email; all of which would have saved me from some hassle this am.

There is too much technology available today not to keep in constant contact with your customers. If I can write a blog post from my IPhone when my Internet is down, Comcast can notify me that my service has been disrupted and when I can expect it to be back up.

I can’t believe I’m about to say this but; thank god for ATT 3G. Take that Comcast.