New Tumblr Page

I’ve redesigned my tumblr page. I love tumblr.  It’s a much better blogging experience.  Tumblr has one of the best UI/UX experiences on the web.  I love how they parse the content input by type; text, video, quote, photo, audio.  Depending on which medium you chose, it is laid out differently.  It’s a great tool for incorporating all types of media.

I was at X-Games this weekend and skied a bit with Tumblr’s CEO, John Maloney.  We talked about how Tumblr is blowing up and why.   A lot of it has to do with the social nature, but I think the UX plays a big role too.  Wordpress and other blogging platforms can’t deliver the same UX Tumblr can and this makes a difference.

I’m pumped about my new page and will be putting up more content more regularly, skiing, quotes, business, and more of my daily events.  I enjoy posting to Tumblr. I’m even considering moving “A Sales Guy” to Tumblr as well.  It’s easy, clean and fun.

Go check out my new page.  Tell me what you think.