Need a Little Sales Mojo?

A super energetic, passionate, friend of mine is launching a new sales lead tool today.   It’s called IntroMojo and I think it’s got real potential.

Think of IntroMojo as a the offsping of a Google and Gist marriage.    IntroMojo allows you to run a search on any person; a prospect, EVP at your biggest client, or the Director of IT you’ve been struggling to get in front of.   The search then returns all of their social media and online activity; books they are reading from Amazon, LinkedIn groups, friends on Twitter, and more.   IntroMojo is looking to give sales people all the information they need to more quickly build rapport with prospects and clients.

I think IntroMojo is heading in the right direction.  We are all leaving digital footprints online.  Being able to easily “follow” these footprints can be hugely valuable in the sales process.

Getting real information of prospects, and clients, is hard.  Getting real information on the person behind the lead or behind the prospect is even more difficult.  IntroMojo just made it a little easier.   If you start using it, let me know what you think?

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