My English Teacher is Cringing

A Sales Guy blog is 10 months old today. It’s been fun. I enjoy writing and blogging. My favorite parts are the sharing, the comments and the story telling. But, what I didn’t realize about blogging is how much I would learn. Blogging regularly has caused me to be more aware of trends. I find myself evaluating information differently as well as assessing the impact of the trends, ideas, and information coming at me everyday.

One of the things that I’ve come to learn is I suck at grammar. I’ve probably known this for awhile but have just been in denial. Personally, I hate poor grammar. It affects the readers experience. So, it killed me this week to be called out for my grammar by two different people.

I was a terrible student. I didn’t pay much attention in English while in middle school or high school at that matter. I was a very utilitarian student. If I couldn’t find immediate value for me in what was being taught, I paid it no mind. I’m still paying for this part of my personality today. I have to have a vested interest in what I’m learning or it’s a tough road for me.

I have a vested interest in becoming better at grammar now. I want to write a better blog. For this reason, I have asked a friend of mine to help. She has agreed to edit all my posts (after I post them) and point out my grammar errors. I am then going to update the post with her edits. My goal over the next few months is for her to have fewer and fewer edits.

I’m excited. I think this will improve the reading experience on this blog. I’d be curious if you notice. Let me know if you see a difference.

I thought my English teacher would be cringing, but now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure she’s not cringing, she’s saying; “I told you so!”