More Time for Video’s

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I like watching video’s online. The problem is, when I find cool vids I want to check out, I’m typically not in a position to watch at that moment. To keep from losing the vid I end up keeping the browser tab open for days. This process is extremely inefficient. I end up with a number of tabs open and only watch a small portion of the videos. Getting to all the good content I come across in a day has always been a problem for me.

Boxee has made this process a whole lot easier when it comes to video’s. Boxee launched a bookmarklet that captures video on the page and puts in your Boxee que for later viewing. I think I’m late to this party. I’m not sure when Boxee came out with this, regardless it’s exactly what I needed.

My que is already filling up with some great videos.

I’ve been using Boxee for two years, but my engagement has recently dropped of drastically. This new feature will for sure increase my use.

The increasing challenge with all the information available to us on the Internet today is how to manage it all. Managing videos as been a difficult one for me. They take time to watch. When I find an interesting one, I’m not always in a position to watch it. Boxee’s new bookmarklet gives me more time to get to them.

I wonder how this going to affect my TV time. I suspect a lot.

Now if they could come out with an iPad app it would be like magic.

I like magic.

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