Me – In One Place

I completed my page today.  My URL is What do you think? put’s your entire online presence in one place, accessible through a simple URL.   It takes nothing to get started.  You upload your picture, pick the colors, the fonts, write your bio and add your sites.  That’s it.

Once you site is set up visitors can see your entire presence without ever leaving the page, as pulls in your latest tweets, your blog RSS Feed, your tumbler feed, etc. It doesn’t require visitors move around the internet trying to learn about you.  It gives them a snapshot, that then allows them to explore further if they are interested.  I think this is a creative approach. also provides analytics.  It gives you information on number of visits, what visitors clicked on, your social media reach and more.

What I like most about  About .me is its simplicity.   I now have one place to steer people when they ask for my email, or a way to connect with me.   I am going to put the URL in my email signature, on my LinkedIn page, and my business cards.

Now, I need to figure out how to get it some google juice.  Because, getting my to be in the top 5 search results would be sweet.  Find that address, and you find everything. is another example of the move to an online world were your online presence will be our greatest asset.

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