Kindle Shares

I read Amazon Kindle books on my IPad.  One of the things that drove me crazy was Kindle didn’t allow sharing. I was constantly reading great quotes and it irritated me that I couldn’t share them. It never made sense to me that a feature which could sell more books wasn’t available.

The new release of the Kindle app for IPad has this feature now and I couldn’t be anymore excited.  I can now share what I’m reading with my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. The feature not only allows users to share what they’re reading but it is also designed to promote the book.

When a section or quote is shared, Amazon creates a link that takes people to a page like this with the quote, a copy of the book and a way users can get more engaged with the book. The above is what the link looks like. I think this is an elegant way to promote the book.

I like sharing the stuff I read.  The new Amazon share feature is a good start.  I’m really curious to see the affect it has on book sales. I’m not sure why it took so long, but I’m glad they’ve finally added it.  I’m going to use it a lot. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll never have to ask what I’m reading. You’ll know, right down to the exact paragraph.

Nice work Amazon.

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