Killer Bloggers Wanted: Apply Within!

If you’ve been to the site in the last 12 hours, I’m sure you’re wondering who these strange people are and where did all these posts come from.

Yesterday I opened up this blog to the community.  I started using Kapost a crowdsource blogging platform and so far I’m pretty happy with it.

Kapost allows me to let the community contribute to this blog.

This is how it works:

Click on the contribute button on the right and you start a post right away.   The post will show up on here on A Sales Guy and The A Sales Guy Community page.  It’s that simple.

A Sales Guy now has two destinations; this page and the community page.

Kapost also allows you to build a profile and join the A Sales Guy Community.  If you have your own blog you can automatically post to the community page via RSS. Each post has a share button and a vote button.   This increases the chances your post gets seen.

In just 12 hours some killer posts have been submitted by the community.   A couple of my favorite:  What If, Where are the Good Sales People and  Sales Tips from Yoda.

I think this has HUGE potential for this community.  I’m already getting to know more of you because of this.  I’m discovering great new stuff and most important, it’s showcasing the talent of this community.

If you’re not in yet, jump in.  It’s a blast.  We’re looking for more killer bloggers who want to add to the conversation.   No need to apply, just put up great stuff!

To start your own profile go here: A Sales Guy Community

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