I’ve Arrived

Ok, not really. But, I think this is cool.

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I use the Zemanta plug in on this blog. Zemanta makes blogging easier. As you type, Zemanta offers relevant photo’s you can add to the post, it provides link recommendations automatically based on what you type and it offers “related articles” you can add the bottom of your post. Zemanta makes blogging easier.

I had always wondered how Zemanta determined what posts to suggest and more importantly how to get this blog’s posts in their recommendation stream. I’ve yet to figure out how Zemanta works but as of a few weeks ago, this blog is now appearing in the recommendation stream.

I don’t know how it happened but It’s pretty cool.

I don’t know if any of my posts have been added to someone else’s blog as a “related article” but it’s pretty slick knowing they can be.

I’m in Zemanta’s related articles list. I guess that means I’ve arrived.


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