It’s Hard

It’s hard –

to be successful
to challenge the status-quo
to exercise everyday
to be comfortable making your customers uncomfortable
to eat well
to fire someone you like
to recycle
to read 10k’s everyday
to read a book a month
to blog everyday
to create new stuff
to get up at 5:00 am
to go to bed at 2:00 am
to tell the boss you can’t because of your kids football game
to accept you made a mistake
to change direction
to not quit when it sucks
to do the paper work that HAS to be done
to sit in the pain
to call out the elephant in the room
to call yourself out
to accept criticism
to keep learning
to do the hard work
to NOT do the easy work

It’s easy –

to take credit for others work
to quit while you’re ahead
to blend in with the crowd
to be agreeable
to say yes
to let others do it
to accept excuses
to blame others
to spectate
to ignore
to procrastinate
to settle
to take the shortcut
to ignore the data
to do the easy work
to NOT do the hard work

There are two paths to chose from, one sounds easy and one sounds hard, chose carefully.