It’s Going to Be Your Blog, Name It

Most of you know I’m working on a crowdsourced sales blog.   I’m excited to roll it out.  Having an open blog for all sales bloggers to contribute to has tremendous potential.   It could be game changing.

Last week I asked for name suggestions.   I got some good ones.   Thanks everyone.

I have put the top suggestions in a poll.  You can see it in the side bar under my social media icons.   Vote for the name you like best.   If you don’t like any, click None of the Above and write in your suggestion in the comments.

The objective of the crowdsource sales blog is to aggregate all sales peoples ideas, thoughts, and experiences.  I want to open up the online world of sales.

So, what do you think is the best name for a blog contributed to by every sales person in the world?

Sounds cool uh?

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