It’s All In How It’s Defined

We all see things differently.  We have different expectations on how we expect things to go.   We have different perspectives.   Perspectives that rest in our mind, crystal clear to us, yet hidden from everyone else.

What does your customer mean when they say they want to increase revenue?    What does the prospect mean when they say they want to partner?   What does the company mean when it says it wants to see more innovation?    What does “growth” mean to your client?

Too often, we assume we know what our customers, prospects and clients are looking for.  After all, they told us.  But, did they really?   What are they actually telling us when they say they want growth, innovation, a competitive advantage, increased productivity, a smooth transition, less work, to be faster to market and more?    Is what they are thinking align with your interpretation?

If you want to understand exactly how your customer defines increased productivity, competitive advantage, innovation, growth etc. — ask them!

When a customer or prospect shares their vision, expresses their expectations, tells you what they want, listen.  Then, when they are done, ask this very, very simple question;  “How do you define growth, innovation, competitive advantage etc. ___________ (fill in the blank)?”

Few questions provide more clarity and insight.

It’s never been more critical to understand exactly what customers want and what they expect.  Interpretation is a sure way to fail.  Don’t interpret, ask!

I know what your customer said, but what did they mean?

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