It’s About The Community

I get a lot of questions, mostly from my non-web 2.0 friends, asking why I blog.   Explaining blogging to someone who doesn’t blog is feat few can successfully accomplish.  I rarely share the power of blogging with the passion I once did. The hurdle to “get it” is just too high.

I blog because I like it.  I blog because it keeps me fresh. It gets me thinking about what I’m doing.  Coming up with material is tough, so blogging keeps me on my toes.  I also blog because I enjoy the community feel.  I enjoy the people I meet and the exchange of ideas.  The community is the best part of blogging.   It’s also the hardest, because it takes time — lot’s of time.  When the community starts to develop and grow it’s awesome.   This blog is getting there and it’s killer.  A small but growing community is showing up regularly.   PWEdgar, RJ Johston, Matt Tot, Brook Martin, COD are  a few of the regulars who comment often and add to the discussion.  It’s fun reading and jumping in on the comments left by these guys and others in the community.   THANKS GUYS, you make this blog better.

Beyond the visible community, I was reminded there is an “invisible” community.  Those readers who don’t comment but come to the blog everyday.   I was reminded of this yesterday, when I got this email from a reader:


I just wanted to tell you today that I really enjoy and get a lot out of your posts.  I am currently in a role where I went from working for a sales leader that was a great mentor and coach, to a new manager that does not understand what it is to coach or mentor.  So I look forward everyday to reading your posts as a way to continue to grow and challenge myself.  You, in a way, are my coach/mentor and I appreciate the time you take everyday to make thoughtful and challenging posts for people like me that want to grow and learn.

Again, thank you….

I wrote a post in January and in it I talk about this very thing.  It was titled, Social Mentors.  I never looked at myself being a social mentor, I think I just looked at it the other way, as I have several.   But, I’m glad and it’s nice to know I am giving back as well.

I blog for me.  But, the community makes it that much more fun.  It’s the regular commenters who add to the conversation and those like the person above who read it every day and get something out of it that makes this community so awesome.

Blogging isn’t something everyone will get, but people are watching and people are engaging and that’s all that matters.  So, let me say thanks to this community.  It’s a good one and it’s only getting better.

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